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WRIXX Masters' U

WRXX Masters' U provides fun interactive learning for students in the 1st and 2nd grades. Each 30 minute, online session consists of various activities to reinforce and/or  enhance classroom studies. Each Small Learning Group is limited to 12 participants. The interactive, Small Learning Groups include: writing exercises, reading activities and spelling tournaments. However, parents will be surveyed on their child development needs. The sessions will incorporate aspects of each participant's needs. In addition, there will be opportunities to participate in events, contests and various WRIXX U Challenges designed exclusively for WRIXX Masters' U participants.

First grade sessions are hosted on Mondays. Second grade sessions are hosted on Wednesdays. There are 3 time slots available on each day: 5p (PDT); 6p (PDT) and 7pm (PDT) . Saturday sessions coming  soon! Session registration is required 48 hours prior to the desired time slot. There may be materials needed for a particular session which would have to be distributed before the session begins. Registration is limited.  The cost for a session is $6. Login information will be provided 24 hours before the session begins. There is an 8 session multi-pass** available for $40 (15% savings). The multi-pass does not have to be used  consecutively. However, the pass must be used completely within 6 months of purchase. Multi-pass purchasers see registration procedures below.

Cancellations are required 48 hours prior to the registered session by email here. However, if on the day of a registered session your child is unable to participate and we are notified prior to the start of the session by email here, we will allow you to register your child for a session at a later date.

Participation in WRIXX Masters' U requires a desktop, laptop or tablet and Skype. A phone may be required if your computer does not have speaker capabilities.

**If you have purchased a multi-pass, register for sessions below. Be sure to give your child's name, the WRIXX Channel Subscriber email (if a WRIXX Channel Subscriber) and the desired session time/date. 

Send your WRIXX Masters' U questions here.

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