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You must be a member of the Kid's Zone to participate in the WRIXX Challenges. View the Kid's Zone page here to join! 

Sea Creatures at Play.jpg

What's Happening Here?

Can you write a paragraph about what is going on in this picture? Your paragraph must have at least 4 sentences.  Earn five points towards the year end top 100. 

Rhyme Lines

Create two rhyming lines of a poem Send two different lines on Monday and Friday of each week to earn 2 points towards the WRXX Top 100.

Sentence Creation

Visit the Kid Zone Activity page here each day and locate the word of the day. Create up to 5 sentences each week using each word of the day. Submit your created sentences on Friday. Earn 3 points for each sentence you create towards the WRIXX Top 100.

Create A Story

Look at the picture and create a story. Earn 5 points towards the year end top 100. 


Story Building

Look at the picture and complete the story. Submit a new story each Wednesday of the week. Your submitted story is worth 2 Points towards the WRXX Top 100.

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