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Why Writing Matters

To develop language capabilities and communication expertise, students must become effective communicators. Writing provides a medium for expressive communication. It also allows one to connect with his or her inner self, enhances problem solving, critical thinking and develops the integration of thought process.

The skill of inquiry is developed through writing. These skills include; collecting and evaluating information, comparing/ contrasting and imagining situations from another perspectives. As these skills develop, writers are able to build arguments for a particular point of view. In addition, one learns the importance of not only asking questions of others but of one's self.

Writing can be empowering, particularly for children. Their imagination can develop a healthy exploration of ideas and an enlarged world view. In the long term, writing proficiency will matter from grade school, to high school and beyond college.

Snow, C. E., Burns, M. S., & Griffin, P. (Eds.). (1998). Preventing reading difficulties in young children. National Academies Press.

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