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We Reinforce

Educational institutions are important, however, sometimes a student needs additional resources to truly succeed. We offer fun writing and reading opportunities that reinforce classroom learning. Our activities are perfect for students needing extra assistance with writing and reading or simply love to write and read!


We Inspire

We provide sessions that engage, motivate and inspire children so that they feel excited about their accomplishments.

We Instill

It is our goal to infuse your child with the enthusiasm to write and read; and in the process instill the skills he or she needs to achieve success in the classroom and beyond.

We Offer


Students in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades may participate in writing activities, educational games via the WRIXX Kids' Zone (free membership), interactive online-learning via WRIXX U, WRIXX Masters' U, contests and more! Members also have the opportunity to participate in WRIXX Challenges to earn points towards achieving WRIXX Top 100 status. 

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